December /2011
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December Greetings! 

The shorter days of winter are coming and the winter beers are out. These beers are usually darker and spicier than the fall brews. They include Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts and Winter Warmers. Having beer of the season ensures that you are drinking fresh beer. These beers also go well with the holiday season. Maybe it's the malty character that satisfies the palate, evoking rich aromas and flavors of toasty caramel, toffee and chocolate in Brown Ales, the addition of roasty coffee - like notes in Porters and Stouts, and the complexity of spices and alcohol warmth in Winter Warmers. They add up to some great beer experiences during your holiday celebration. Try some different pairings with various holiday foods. Below, I share a unique holiday food and beer pairing.  Whatever your beer, enjoy the cooler days to come and drink good beer at your holiday celebration.


This month has some great events. Miami's latest hot beer spot is South Miami,  with Cervezas leading the way with craft beer tastings and events. They celebrate their second anniversary on December 7th, and the monthly beer tasting is on December 13th. Over at Town Kitchen and Grill, they are having a Beer and Black Truffle dinner on December 6th. That should be a good one; interesting pairings with truffles in each course. Several new places are opening in the next few months; the World of Beer Dadeland location has been put off until March 2012. Their website can keep you updated as opening approaches. January is coming and that means the best beer festival in South Florida is happening in Jupiter. The Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival is in it's 5th year and it will be better than ever. Get your tickets early as it sells out every year. The night before, the "Brew it and They will Come" beer and food pairing event is also happening. Wynkoop Brewing in Denver Colorado is searching for the Beerdrinker of the Year for 2012. Do you qualify? Event details are below.

Make your party a craft beer event!
Serve craft beer to add variety to your guests choices. Have a beer tasting where your guests can try a selection of craft beers then choose one they like. The possibilities are almost unlimited and can be fun. Most craft beers can be paired with different foods being served at the party. Beer and food pairing can be challenging and rewarding. Tasting sheets with beer descriptions and room for notes can add to the fun. Contact me for more details.


Last year I tried a different type of beer pairing: beer with breakfast foods! It sounds strange but really works. This doesn't mean that you are having beer for breakfast, it is a pairing done with traditional breakfast foods. Around the holidays everyone has different visitors and things to do. After a long day of work, shopping or just spending time with family, who wants to start making a full dinner? Try breakfast foods instead. They are easier and faster to prepare, and your guests will also be able to "wind down", enjoying a tasty beer paired with the foods. My first pairing was Duvel Belgian Golden ale with scrambled eggs. This surprised everyone and it is a great pairing. The light ale doesn't overwhelm the eggs and the alcohol cuts through the butter. Another pairing is spiral sliced ham and Delirium Noel, a Belgian Dark ale that is sweet and fruity. This went well with the honey spicing on the ham. This is a strong beer at 10% ABV, but it isn't evident when drinking it. There are many pairing ideas; sausage will pair with almost any German beer, preferably darker malty ones. There is a page on Beer Advocate that discusses more ideas; just remember that some of these folks are actually drinking it at breakfast!  

Good Ad for Carlsberg Beer - be sure to watch it until the end!  Watch Video Here.   

Event Details



Cervezas Second Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday December 7  - 8:00 PM


A party for family and friends of the bar, there will be an incredible line up of draft  beers for the party.  Come help celebrate the anniversary and enjoy some craft beers on tap. See website for more 



Town Kitchen Beer and Black Truffle Dinner

Tuesday December 6  - 7:30 PM


Since truffles are one of the most sought after delicacies in the culinary world; what about beer and truffles? Join 25 other aficionados at a rare craft beer and truffle dinner at Town Kitchen and Bar in South Miami on Tuesday December 6th at 7:30 PM. $75.00  Call 305-740-8118 for reservations. The menu looks amazing, follow this link to view it full size in your web browser.


Wynkoop Brewery Beerdrinker of the Year Contest

December 31, 2011 is the last day to enter.


  Each year this Colorado brewpub searches for America's Beerdrinker of the year. This is the 16th annual contest. Among other requirements, a beer resume must be submitted. See Wynkoop's Website for all the details. Give it a try; I did last year and made semifinalist (Top ten).





Upcoming Events


Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival / Field of Beers


Save the date: Friday January 27, 2012 and Saturday January 28, 2012. This

is the premier beer event in South Florida. Both events are great and improve each year. The Field of Beers takes place on the Friday night before the festival, and has beers matched with foods cooked by local chefs. Meet the brewers and chefs on the ball field at Roger Dean stadium in Jupiter. Limited to 300 people it is a quality, intimate event. On Saturday, the main festival takes place. It is smaller and more organized than any other local festival and different vendors attend. Details to come soon on their website; make a weekend of it and go to both events. I have been to them all; for an idea of how they are see my 2011 Reviews page.



 Beer and Food Pairing Cooking Classes


The Biltmore Culinary Academy, located at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, has a series of hands-on cooking classes. Learn about beer and food pairing, prepare several dishes, then enjoy what you have prepared with a specific beer paired with each dish. Instruction by Larry Goeser. (Good Beer Larry) 1200 Anastasia Avenue. Coral Gables.

Go to Good Beer Larry Classes Webpage for more. No class is currently scheduled; call 305-913-3131 for dates or see the BCA Website.

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