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January 2014 

From Larry...

It's cold out there! Well, it's 75 here in South Florida; that's cool for us. Meanwhile, most of the nation is really cold. All of that cold weather brings visitors south and they will find great weather, fun times and good local beer. For those who haven't been here lately, there is now good local beer all around Florida The latest opening is Saltwater Brewing in Delray Beach. They don't distribute yet but I'll bet they will sometime this year.  


The "Style of the Month" for January is Lambic. A centuries old Belgian style whose brewing methods are unusual. Spontaneous fermentation, barrel aging and years of patience all make a Lambic. There are several types of Lambics; some add fruit and others blend different batches together to form "beer in it's most natural state."  


The Brewery of the Month for January is Moat Mountain Brewing in North Conway, NH. Moat Mountain is known for good food and beer near the White Mountains. The "Live Free or Die" state of mind is alive here. It's a good stop if you are in the area.  


The 8th annual Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival is on Saturday January 25th. This is my favorite South Florida craft beer event; it's a small event all in a great setting.      


All back issues of The Blast are available on the Media / Archive page. 


2013 was a great year for craft beer; I expect that to continue into 2014. There may be a few bumps in the road but the industry will prosper. In Florida we look forward to more new craft breweries and venues.

Look for the winter beers now as they are all over and fresh. There's nothing like a Winter Warmer or Imperial Stout on a cold evening by the fire. Celebrate the season and drink local when you can.        


Happy New Year,




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                     Style of the Month



Lambic beers originate from the Brussels area and the Senne Valley to the southwest. They are brewed from 1/3 unmalted wheat and 2/3 malted pale malted barley using aged hops to avoid bitterness. Lambic is brewed in Belgian Farmhouse tradition utilizing spontaneous or wild fermentation where the beer is open air cooled to get the local yeasts to start fermentation. Later the mixture is transferred to open wooden casks, which harbor other bacteria and different yeasts which continue to work on the process for 1 to 3 years. The primary yeast is known as Brettanomyces which imparts musty, sour and acidic aromas and flavors. The resulting complex wheat ale is quite refreshing. There are two major types of Lambics; Gueuze and Fruit. Gueuze is a blend of 1,2,and 3 year old beer. Fruit Lambic has fruit, generally cherries, raspberries or black current, added after the spontaneous fermentation.

Jupiter Beer Fest Logo

Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival    

The Jupiter weekend of beer events, Jan. 24 - 25 are the first of the year and mark the end of South Florida Beer Week. The Field of Beers is the Friday night before the festival. There are 15 stations; each features a beer paired with a special dish made for the event. The next day the festival happens with many different craft brewers bringing a special brew or two for the festival. Tickets are still available; there will also be some at the door. More at
So FL Beer Week Logo Art
 South Florida Beer Week
January 18 - 25, 2014

Get ready for South Florida Beer Week 2014. The week is dedicated to all local beer, breweries and beer bars. There are many different events from Miami to Jupiter. The week finishes off at South Florida's premier beer festival, the Jupiter Craft brewers Festival. During the week there will be tours of breweries, special release beers and more. There is even a Brew Bus to ride to tour breweries, allowing people to enjoy the tours and beers without driving. There are too many events to list here and more being posted everyday. Check the website for times, places and updates.

Moat Mountain Brewery Logo
  Brewery of the Month
   Moat Mountain Brewing Co.  

Fear no Beer is the motto of Moat Mountain Brewing, located in North Conway New Hampshire. They are near the White Mountain National Forest where over 7 million people visit every year. Those who discover Moat Mountain find a place with great food and beer. That has been true since they opened in 2000. I first visited in 2006 where our family group enjoyed a BBQ feast to remember. There was a bit of everything they make on that platter; the leftovers became lunch the next day near Mt Washington. Last September I visited again and found the some good food and beer. They have out-grown the basement brewery and are building a larger brewhouse. The beer list has more and different brews; several that are now canned. Moat is open year round; it is a good stop after a day outdoors any season. See for more. My review is on my 2013 page.  

Craft beer school is back in session at Miami Culinary Institute. Starting in early 2014 there will be several classes scheduled. I am leading the classes which will cover beer history, styles and seasonal beers. Each class includes a related tasting. See my Classes Page for times and dates. 

Titanic Brewing:
Tripel Reserve and Honey Amber ale are both on. BlackStar IPA, an American Black IPA is back. It's a good one; try it soon as it will go fast. The guest tap list varies; Wynwood La Rubia and New Belgium Fat Tire are on now.  
New Breweries

Wynwood Brewery ; Miami's first craft production brewery is now open full time. They are opening the Vine Club, a limited (150) membership group with exclusive privileges. See the Vine Club page for more.The club will open February 1st; get your membership today. Come out and support local brewers..See the events page for other events this month.


MIA Brewing Co.; Construction continues and they hope to open in early 2014.Check MIA's Facebook page to follow progress on the brewery and see where they will be pouring their beer and giving out MIA bottle openers.

Florida Brewery News
Saltwater Brewing is open. The official opening was December 30th.  There is an IPA and Double IPA among other brews. Saltwater is located in Delray Beach at I -95 and Atlantic avenue. The place looks like fun and I will visit on the weekend of the Jupiter events. See the website for more about the brews and other events.

Brew on the Bay, the craft beer festival of Key Largo is on Saturday January 14th. There is a homebrew competition the night before. Home brewers can enter beer for judging. Tasters are welcome. See the Event Page for more details.  

Larry Goeser
Miami, Florida
Good Beer Larry