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July  2012
From Larry...

The Heat is on here in South Florida. Our local NBA team, the Miami Heat,  just won the world championship and the temperatures are rising outside. Summer beers are all around; enjoy them now as they will be gone before you know it. Stock up on these beers and celebrate Independence Day; enjoy them at all of the picnics, cookouts and fireworks displays. Happy 4th of July!  

Locally, the craft beer scene continues to grow and prosper. Last month, I mentioned Due South Brewing, and they are now appearing at local pubs here in Dade county. That's great progress for a two month old brewery. I noticed that their Category 4 IPA is now at Cervezas in South Miami. It's a Red IPA that clocks in at 7.7 % ABV and 85 IBU. This is an additional beer to the five that they started with just two months ago

The "Style of the Month" for July is Red ale. This style was a brewpub favorite back in the 1990's. It's now making a comeback of sorts. Many of the newer breweries have rediscovered the style and some have 'reinvented' it. My visit to Intuition Brewing in Jacksonville illustrates this well. They have a traditional Red which was rich and malty. The Riverside Red is the 'new' version created in recent years. It is stronger and hoppier but still has the maltiness. Read more about my visit on my 2012 review page

Also this month: New beer classes scheduled at the Miami Culinary Institute. And - Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder event at the Eggersmann showroom at the DCOTA. I also found an old "war story" from WW II. Stories below.


Don't forget to Drink Locally and support local breweries wherever you are.





Res Ale Style of the MonthStyle of the Month - Red Ale

The origins of Red ale can be traced back almost 5000 years. In the middle ages, 'Red' referred to the brown beers of the time versus wheat (white) beers. This style is characterized by a light-to-medium caramel malt sweetness. American-brewed versions often use the beer's malty base to support aggressive hop aromas, flavors and bitterness. It is still all about the malts with red ales. Hops should not dominate in taste or aroma. This is a good example of a style that almost disappeared in recent times. In the 1990's, everybody had a red in their lineup. As hoppier and stronger beers increased in popularity, most breweries now had to have an IPA. In recent years, the Red style has been rediscovered by craft brewers.  

MCI Class GlassBack to Craft Beer School

My 'six pack' of craft beer classes has been scheduled at the Miami Culinary Institute. The class is called Beer Education with Beer Expert Larry Goeser. The classes will be on Fridays 6 - 8 PM from September 7 through October 12 and October 26 through December 7. More details and registration on the Class Homepage.

Eggersmann Logo   Eggersmann Beer Event

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder August 9 -4 to 6 PM. Eggersmann USA. Wander around our showroom as you sample some of Germany's finest brews and pair them with your favorite German cuisine. An afternoon of culture from the country that brings us the finest cars, the finest kitchens and the finest beers!  Designers and architects bring your cards for a chance to win a fabulous prize.

WW II Spitfire Artwork  WW II Beer Runs

An interesting piece of beer history: RAF spitfire pilots found several inventive ways to supply beer to the men in Normandy.

With modifications, the long range external fuel tanks could carry beer! Even the tax man got in on it!  See my History page for more.

This Month
Cervezas monthly beer tasting is on Tuesday, July 10 featuring 15 beers  for $20. On July 20 there will be a Cigar City tap takeover. Get more details on the website.
Titanic Brewing  Brewer Steve has Stumblin' Bee Honey Amber ale and White Cap Wheat ale on tap. Several guest taps are on as well.


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 Local Brewery Update:

Due South Brewing It's official, Due South is now open. Stop by and try their excellent beers and get a growler to go. Soon their beer will be in pubs all around South Florida.

See their Facebook page for updates.


Whole Foods Coral Gables is having an American beer history class  on Tuesday July  3 at 7:00 PM. Celebrate Independence day and learn about points in our history as they relate to beer drinking and produvtion. Call 305-421-9421 to reserve a seat


World of Beer Dadeland  July 10 is Shipyard Brew Night with specials on all Shipyard beers. Celebrate Belgian Independence Day on July 21 with a Belgian beer from the extensive selection. There are more events throughout the month; see the website for details.  




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