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Spring is already in the air here in South Florida. While our northern friends clear the snow and ice away, we look forward to the beers of spring. After the dark and strong beers of winter, springtime brings lighter refreshing brews. Some of the styles are: Belgian Amber Ale, Irish Red, Maibock and Wheat Beer. Some are already in stores now. This year the first of Sierra Nevada's Harvest Single Hop Series is Idaho 7 Varietal. It has been released in time to welcome spring with hops grown in Idaho.These spring brews are just coming out and there will be more as the month goes on. Most Florida breweries are no exception and will have them out later this month and into April. Try them when you see them and support "Drink Local."
 The "Style of the Month" is Irish -Style Red Ale. This is the perfect spring brew. Light, easy drinking and released just in time for St Patrick's day.

 2015 started with a bang with several new breweries opening and more to come! There are links to each in the local section below. Beer is comming the Dade County Youth Fair this year! From the fair website:  Beer Haven Festival will be Miami's largest beer festival Ever! Beer Haven will include the Great American Beer Station - World's Largest Mobile Bar and the Bucking Mule Brewery - World's Largest Mobile Brewery Exhibit. The exhibit will run Saturdays from 1 to 5 PM. 

There is a disturbing trend occurring in the craft beer industry: breweries suing other breweries over total trivia. It started years ago when Moosehead decided that they were the only brewery allowed to have a moose in their name. The victims were two small upstart micro breweries using moose in the name of some of their brews. Moose Juice stout and Moose Drool brown ale and the respective breweries were told to change the names. Recently a new brewery, here in Florida was forced to change it's new name. The latest of this idiocy is happening at one of my favorite new breweries, Innovation Brewing of Silva, NC. Bells, a bigger established craft brewer, has issues with a bumper sticker that Innovation handed out. Yep, you read correctly, a bumper sticker! If you want the details click HERE to see a local newspaper article. See the response from Bell's HERE.      



Irish Red Ale Glass

          Style of the Season

          Irish - Style Red Ale


The origins of Red ales can be traced back almost 5000 years. In the middle ages, 'Red' referred to the brown beers of the time versus wheat (white) beers. Irish - Style Reds are derived from traditional English and Irish ales. They are characterized by a moderate caramel malt sweetness and are copper to reddish brown in color. It is still all about the malts with red ales. Hops should not dominate in taste or aroma. There usually will be well rounded, balanced flavors with a toasty maltiness. The finish is medium to dry. These are easy drinking brews; many breweries make one at this time of the year. There are several imported and national brands of Irish Reds that are available year 'round. However, anything imported won't be as fresh as something brewed locally. So, check your local breweries for a fresher, tastier brew.


Irish Drinking Shoes Get your Drinking Shoes on!
 Pub Crawls, Special Events
On March 17th celebrate St Paddy's day in many ways. From a pub crawl in Wynwood, special release brews and the usual fun events all around town, everyone is Irish on this day. The World of Beer locations all have Irish brews and other specials for the party. The usual suspects (John Martins, Duffys) will have their annual St Pat's event. That's just locally. Wherever you are there is sure to be something special going on. So get your drinking shoes on and join the fun. Many small breweries have special release brews for this day. Others will have St Pat's related fun and games or music for the occasion. Have a great day and remember: Erin go bragh!
Titanic Brewery has their Dublin Over Irish Red on. The White Star IPA is a particularly good batch; be sure to give it a try. On St Pat's day there will be several Irish specials!

 MIA Brewing

The grand opening was February 21st. There were over 50 brews available with new beers coming on as others ran out. There are some pictures HERE. The tasting room continues to be a popular spot in Doral. The food selection has been increased and there are new beers all the time.


  Wynwood Brewing

The oldest of the 'new' breweries, Wynwood continues it's growth of great local beer. I especially enjoyed the Imperial Red, now available in growlers to go. The Brew Dogs filmed a big beer tasting at Wynwood;  it will be part of an episode in the third season starting in April.


The brewery is now open for business. There are a variety of brews available; check the Facebook page for more. Food trucks are regularly scheduled and the brewery hours have been announced.

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