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Summer 2015
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Summer has arrived and along with it, the summer seasonal brews. For the hot months, many like lighter, more quaffable beers Wheat beer, light ale, Hefeweizen, wit, session IPA and more. Since summer is also the traditional vacation time, hopefully you will enjoy some of these brews while out of town. The craft beer industry has really grown up over the last several years; don't be surprised to find craft breweries in small out of the way places. There is now a Nano brewery in Highlands, NC. In Asheville, NC, a favorite vacation spot, Sierra Nevada has completed their brewery and tours are now available. The new taproom is well done as is the rest of the operation. Burial Brewing, once a 1 BBL Nano brewery, now has a 10 BBL system and plans for future growth. The other 18 or so local breweries all continue to gain new drinkers and keep regulars happy as well. Recently, I read an article from Beer Connoisseur Magazine, on the 20 best beer cities worldwide and found some surprises. The US dominates the list, but there are many international destinations that have a good beer scene. The best guide is to ask around and keep your eyes open for cool places that also serve great beer.

The Brewery of the month for the summer edition is Lazy Hiker Brewing of Franklin, NC. Recently opened, they are already getting a good local following. The inaugural beer styles all were good and there will be more. The taproom is comfortable and open to the outside on cool days. The brewery is nearby and outside there is a large beer garden complete with a stage for live music.

The "Style of the Month" is American - Style Cream Ale, a light ale sometimes finished with a lager yeast. Cream ales are light in color, crisp and refreshing making them a perfect summer brew. This style is increasing in popularity as craft brewers have discovered it.


Summer 2015 is here enjoy a few summer brews and support local breweries where ever you go this year.




          Style of the Season
Cream Ale Glass Art



Cream Ale is one of only two truly American styles of beer. In the mid 1800's German brewers introduced Americans to lagers. As the Germans moved to different area,s they brewed the light lagers, and by 1900 they were making inroads on ale brewers' business. The ale brewers responded by making a top fermented (ale) beer that was similar to the new lighter lagers. The new brew was a hybrid, using both lager and ale yeasts in the process. Sugar is added for alcohol and a warm mouthfeel. When added later in the process, the unfermented sugar adds a residual sweetness on the palate. A few cream ales survived prohibition and are still brewed today. I remember 7 oz. bottles of Little Kings Cream Ale in the 1970's. The style has been noticed by current craft brewers. Locally, Due South brews a coconut cream ale and I recently saw one at Barley Mow brewing in Largo FL. These brews are relatively low in ABV and hops flavor. A slight fruity flavor is usually present.

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        Brewery of the month 


This month's brewery of the month is North Carolina's newest: Lazy Hiker Brewing of Franklin, NC. Located in the old town hall / fire station, the building was completely renovated into a 15 BBL brewery. It has been almost two years in the making and opened May 20th. I was there on the 5th day of operation. There were locals enjoying the now coolest place in town and thru hikers taking a break from the AT. The inaugural brews all were true to style and quite tasty. There will be different beers made as brewer Noah comes up with new ideas. They hope to eventually bottle and distribute around western NC. The Lazy Hiker is the first brewery in this area and there is plenty of room for growth. I look forward to becoming a regular here and to see the brewery build a local following. Website: Pictures from my visit.

Hops for Pops Wine & Beer BBQ is Friday, June 19 from 7 - 8:30 PM at Whole Foods Market Coral Gables. Celebrate fathers everywhere with a gourmet BBQ. The menu will include stations of dad's favorites: sliders, reubens, truffle fries and more. Guests will also enjoy wine and beer sampling and ice cream beer floats for dessert.  $25. More at the store event page.
World of Beer Kendall has a Rogue Brewery Spotlight Thursday June 18th at 7PM. Stop in and enjoy several brews from one of the first craft brewers in the US. Brewer John Maier has been there since 1989 and has made some great brews over the years. I can truly say that I have never had a bad Rogue beer. Cheers!
Florida Breweries
The first weekend in June, Dunedin Brewing has it's annual IPA festival.  While in the area I returned to Barley Mow Brewing of Largo, FL. A growing operation they usually have 10 or more brews available. The taproom is a fun, funky place with good food nearby at the Rib Shack. A piece of old Florida, the area looks much like it did in the 50's. My brew of the weekend was their Huntsman Red Ale.

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