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Summer 2017
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Craft Beer Summer
With the Memorial day holiday in the rearview mirror, it's time to make summer plans. Whether it's a short weekend or a three week vacation, your destination has a local brewery or two. Hopefully, your plans include time outside with friends and family and some great local craft beer. There are many different 'summer brews' that are light and easy drinking. With the proliferation of many new beers and style variants, is anything really seasonal anymore? If it is cold, wet and tastes good, it works for me any season of the year!
There is so much happening in the craft beer industry, that it's getting hard to keep up to date. The number of articles, blogs and news sites about craft beer is mind boggling. So, I have decided to update this newsletter with short summaries of articles I like and think that you might be interested in. The summary will let you know what the article is all about and you can read more as desired. I will still have the local events and other features as always.
Let's get this summer rolling!

Wicked Weed Brewing joins AB-InBev High End division.
About a month ago, Wicked Weed Brewery of Asheville, NC was acquired by Anheuser-Busch. However you feel about the current craft beer takeovers, this one came as a surprise. A growing brewery with a great reputation, Wicked was expanding to nearby states and possibly Colorado. That would make them the first brewery to move west from an eastern headquarters. Now, of course they will be nationwide, but will probably lose uniqueness, brewing creativity and quality of the brewing ingredients. Time will tell. Link to article HERE.

10 New South Florida Breweries to look out for in 2017 - 2018
Names I don't even know in unexpected places all around south Florida. Florida now has almost 200 breweries with more to come. As I have asked before, can they all survive without new drinkers? If they brew great beer,  interesting styles and get a loyal local following, there are plenty of folks out there who will become patrons. Of special interest is Spanish Marie Brewing, opening within a mile of my home. The brewer is Jaime Medina who also brews at Titanic brewing in Coral Gables. Link to article HERE
Quick Links
Three additional breweries sold are linked below. Three totally different type of sales.
This just in...Fort Collins Brewing sold to Vancouver brewery. Link to article  HERE
California's The Bruery sold to private equity group. Link to article HERE.
Terrapin Brewing of Athens, GA Sold to Miller - Coors last summer. Link to article HERE.

           Style of the Season: Wit or White Beer
Wit Beer Glass Art

A Belgian style, wit beer is a wheat beer made from unmalted wheat and spices. The spices are usually coriander, curacao orange peel and 'secret' spices that each brewer adds. The secret spices became a Belgian tradition that brewers took seriously. Like other Belgian beer, wits are low in hop tastes. The spices should be discernible but well balanced. Wit beer is another style that was saved from extinction by an interested party. Peter Celis missed the light beer that had disappeared in the 1950s. In 1966, he started brewing it at his De Kluis brewery. The beer became popular and in the 1980s he was bought out by Interbrew. Later, he moved to Texas and brewed his Celis Wit now popular both here and in Belgium.

Beercamp 2017 coming in June

8 festivals, special collaboration brews and more (click on image below) 

Sierra_Nevada_Beercamp 2017 Art

Local Festivals
Funky Buddha Brewery turns 4 this June 2nd to 4th. In what promises to be an epic weekend of events with special releases, food pairings and a Sunday brunch to wrap things up.  For more details go HERE.
Asheville Beer Week
is the week of May 26 - June 3. There is a wide variety of events from tastings, classes, collaboration brews, beer dinners and more throughout the week. See the EVENTS page for times and dates. Please note that some events were held before publication of the Blast. 
Good Brewery Sale
The folks at Sebago Brewing of Portland, Maine have put their entire brewery up for sale. The growth of the past few years has made it necessary for Sebago to build a new brewery and sell the original brewery to a new or up and coming Maine brewery. More HERE. If in Portland this summer be sure to visit the brewpub.

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