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2023 Opening and Closing in the Cold.

2023 will bring many changes to the craft beer industry. The pandemic has lightened but the after effects will be with us for years. There have been more than the usual closings in the last year with more to come. Some were hoping that things would return to 'normal' winch hasn't happened. There are still some openings which is a positive sign. There will be changes in any mature industry and we are seeing that now. Recently, I visited a local taproom which was not brewing at the location. They have a full brewery, nearby, and supply two taprooms. This could be a model for future breweries to get their beer in several locations without the expense and work of every location having a full brewery. On the other hand, I saw an old beer festival shirt and several breweries listed are long gone. Others have been sold to companies that own other breweries. As mentioned above there will be openings and closings all year long.

The latest IPA variant is the Cold IPA. The style is not totally defined yet; different breweries use different methods. Generally, the cold IPA uses lager yeasts fermented at the higher temperatures used for ale yeasts. Some have added adjuncts to lighten it up. (Rice, corn) The result is a light, easy drinking brew with malt tastes evident and still hoppy as other IPAs. I have only started seeing a few of these and expect to see more in coming years. Lagers have a new found popularity, in craft brewing, so this isn't a surprise that an IPA with lager like properties would be formulated.


Cheers, Larry

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Photos from Jupiter Brewers Festival 2023

Field of Beers / Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival

Things were 'back to normal'; the Field of Beers was back at the baseball stadium and the Saturday festival came back to the larger stadium lot space. This was good to see as the last couple of years have been tough on big public; events. At the Field of Beers, the dugouts were too crowded so the outfield was utilized for more open spaces. It's a great event; 15 breweries bring a special brew and pair it with appropriate foods. A few samples: Aardwolf Brewing had Asian style Pastrami Egg rolls paired with Don't be Suspicious Double Rye IPA. The spiciness of the rye malts went well with the egg roll. Fresh shucked Bluepoint oysters were paired with Dixie Grill and brewing Fatta Matta a 9% stout with habanero peppers, vanilla beans and cocoa nibs. Nice combo. Local Tequesta Brewing had Mahi Mahi Tacos with ginger scallion relish paired with their Sheltered Grapefruit double IPA. The citrus notes and malty tastes paired well with the fish and hot relish. Barrel of Monks had a complex flavored Grand Cru that was paired with a Thai Beef Salad. This one would get anyone's attention; try it with Rincon Heat hot sauces which I see here every year. Quite tasty! This is one of the best beer events and a group of us, staying at the nearby hotel, had an after party where rare, unusual and some very old beers were shared with the group. I look forward to this evening every year. See y'all next year!

Festival day weather was cloudy and cool. There were about 50 different brewers and several food vendors. The theme this year was Beers on my Heart. (I love beer?) As usual it was "The best day of the far". There were many old favorites and some new breweries as well. Tarpon River and Bold City were near the entrance so they were tried first. Bold City now has their IPA in cans and hopes to be in South Florida soon. Tarpon's Honey Love was tasty. Next door at Marker 48, they had a light lager with a label that looked a lot like Miller Lites'. Not sure how many craft beer drinkers really want that! Barrel of Monks was around the corner with good Belgian style beers. Later, I found Stormhouse with a great Dopplebock. Aardwolf had all colorful (blue, green) brews / seltzers. Pareidolia Brewing had all good brews; Pete, the owner was working the booth today. Humble Abbey had a Bier de Garde which is unusual to find. This festival is fun and everyone is having a good time and friendly. I met several people and their friends all around the festival. This is probably one of the best things about this festival. I certainly plan to return next year. Website:

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